Born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI, Chelsea Jackson has a BFA in Video Art and Production from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Currently living in Boulder, CO, she is a freelance filmmaker and photographer with a passion for creating highly effective and meaningful video content.

Chelsea works on a contract basis to produce, shoot and edit documentary-style videos, educational and instructional videos, trailers and more. She has a penchant for positive stories that celebrate education, science, well-being, stewardship for the environment, and building community.

When she’s not obsessing over each of the 24 frames comprised in one second of video content, Chelsea loves spending time in the great outdoors with her family and their wild and crazy dog, Asher.

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Swing on over to www.jacksonhousefilms.com if you’re curious to see what Chelsea is up to with her partner in life and work, Rob Jackson.